batterie electronique Karrace finition acajou
  • batterie electronique Karrace finition acajou

Karrace mahogany finish electronic drumkit

€2,990.00 Tax included

Complete electronic drumkit

with sound module and cymbals

Mahogany finish

We have developed an electronic kit which gets as close as possible to an acoustic-drum-kit. Most importantly this kit can be personalised to suit your needs, it includes:

- 1x10 inch tom, 1x12 inch tom, 1x14 inch floor tom and a 14 inch mesh Roland snare along with a double ply mesh 18 inch bass drum.

 - Roland Td25 sound module

 - Roland Vh11 hi-hat cymbals

- 1 Cy12 and Cy13 ride (3 zones)

MAHOGANY FINISH chrome hardware (see photo) Includes 2 cymbal boom stands, adjustable mounting bracket for module