batterie electronique Karrace
  • batterie electronique Karrace
  • Karrace electronic drumkit
  • batterie electronique Karrace

copy of Karrace electronic drumkit

€2,145.00 Tax included

Complete electronic drumkit

with sound module and cymbals

Contact me for choice of colours

We have developed an electronic kit which gets as close as possible to an acoustic-drum-kit. Most importantly this kit can be personalised to suit your needs, it includes:

- 1x10 inch tom, 1x12 inch tom, 1x14 inch floor tom and a 14 inch mesh Roland snare along with a double ply mesh 18 inch bass drum.

 - Roland Td11 (see photo), Td25 or Td30 sound module

 - Roland Vh11 cymbals

- 2 Roland Cy8 dual zone cymbals (see photo) or 1 Cy12 and 1 Cy13 (triple zone) cymbals

Standard price: black, chrome hardware (see photo). Includes drum-stool and hi-hat stand, 2 boom stands for cymbals, bass drum pedal, adjustable mounting bracket for sound module

Different finishes and hardware are available (extra cost); see the "Finish" and "Hardware" tabs.